Recording "Wing Above Wing (Who Keeps Watch This Night)"

October , Saturday the 21st, we completed recording the last vocal tracks needed to complete our song for October, "Wing Above Wing (Who Keeps Watch at Night)".

The starting riff is a derivation of a lick an Irish busker showed…


Don't Blame The Rain - The Recording Process

So we had a few tracks of old guitar, bass and loosey goosey vocals on a solid base of drums I arranged last year... It sat around until we chose it for our first single to release after "Underbite".


Vocal Recording for September Song of the Month!

Here Ginger is in the middle of recording vocals in our nice sounding hallway. They came out really good.  Excited to start mixing them down.

You see, an expensive sound booth with lots of sound proofing and a top of…


And it begins!

So my first Blog entry... Trying to gauge if people are interested in a Hell's Oasis blog.  Interested in what we are doing?  Perhaps you want to produce some music of your own?

Back in the day, crazy costs for…