Let the Bookings Begin!

Well, it's been almost exactly a year since our last bog post, so I guess we're due--ha!  

So much has happened since this time last year!  With each audio recording, we also produce a video.  We've found sending YouTube links is a great way to share music.  And we foresee the added benefit of having an interesting video to project during our shows.  Of course, doing this with each song adds an extra layer of complexity and time, but we've managed to keep up a pretty good pace.

Since September of 2017, we've recorded 11 songs with their accompanying videos!  The songs are all so different, ranging from disco (FastnFunky) to Indie/Alternative (Creature of the Night) to rock (Shoes) to folk (Hell's Oasis).  Check 'em all out on the Hell's Oasis YouTube channel!

As we wrap up our 12th and begin our 13th songs, we will soon start rehearsing for playing live to promote our first full album.  We are reaching out to venues and agents to start scheduling shows beginning May 2019.  We cannot wait to start playing out and really share our music with people!  We hope to see you at our shows!



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