Gingerp from Hell's Oasis: Spotify Playlist Curator

Hey y'all! 

Lemme know if you want your song(s) added to any Hell's Oasis playlist.  I'll add GOOD music of any genre.  I am especially interested in promoting female-fronted acts (but not exclusively).  Be sure to share your social media…


Sax, Bassist and Drummer in the Wings

John is our newest member!  He plays a very strong sax.  There are a New Bassist and Drummer practicing our songs for auditioning.  Lets see how it goes!


Auditioning New Band members

We are branching out, searching for good musicians to join our band.   John, our newest sax/keys payer is coming for his first rehersal Wednesday night.  A potential bassist may be there too!


Entre Nous (Just Between Us)

At this stage, all our followers are our friends and family.  Everyone personally knows Alexis and/or me (Hi, Dad!).  So, all our FB posts or blog articles are only seen by those closest to us.  But that will probably change…

Filming Videos is a Learning Process!

Making videos to go with each of our songs is a lot of fun and a lot of work!

Recently, Alexis and I, and several of our supportive friends, convened to record the video to go with our newest song…


Let the Bookings Begin!

Well, it's been almost exactly a year since our last bog post, so I guess we're due--ha!  

So much has happened since this time last year!  With each audio recording, we also produce a video.  We've found sending YouTube links…