Entre Nous (Just Between Us)

At this stage, all our followers are our friends and family.  Everyone personally knows Alexis and/or me (Hi, Dad!).  So, all our FB posts or blog articles are only seen by those closest to us.  But that will probably change soon…

Back in December, a bunch of our friends helped film the video for our song “You’re the One for Me”.  It’s a Lawrence Welk parody with bandstands, bubbles, and beehive wigs.  The video hasn’t yet been finished or published.   Filming was so much fun and so silly, our friends, actors and videographers, are becoming impatient.  They can’t wait to see the fruits of their labor (and themselves on camera). They ask, “When’s the video gonna be ready?!” and “What’s taking so long?”.  Our friends, family, and co-workers also frequently ask “When are you going to play a show?” and offer suggestions for when and where we should play.  To all of you, I offer this update on what the heck we’re doing.

Right now, we are finishing up the 14th and final song for our first full-length album.  The last song was delayed a little because of the holidays (and flu season), but last recording sessions will happen this week, then Alexis will mix and master next week.   Then we’ll send to copyright and share the song to a few people for critique.

Once we’re happy with the sound of a song, we usually record an accompanying video to go with it.  Alexis decided to hold off on this step for the last couple songs, so now we have a small backlog of songs that need videos, including “You’re the One for Me”.  Once those videos have been assembled, we’ll share through our social media platforms—YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.  These videos will be our February projects.

In the meantime, I have been acting as Hell’s Oasis’s booking agent reaching out to many area summer festivals and venues.  We now have our first gig scheduled on May 30th at Southside Works!  We’re super excited about this, but really, this is just the beginning.  We had decided a long time ago not to schedule any gigs before May 1st.  This allows us time to finish up the album and videos and rehearse for live performances.  Most summer venues accept performer applications in February and schedule the acts in April.  We plan to play in Deutschtown Music Festival, Milvale Music Festival, RANT Festival, Bakery Square Summer Series, The Frick Summer Fridays, and many more.  Stay tuned!

February through April will be our rehearsal months.  We plan to have a couple small listening parties/focus groups at our house where we’ll play 3-4 songs, then we’ll all hang out with snacks and beer (and maybe we’ll all engage in some in-house karaoke…?).  Let us know if you want to come!  If you’ve read this far, you certainly deserve an invitation!

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