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"Whiskey Attitude" by Seth Jones: Album Review 

Seth Jones’s latest album, “Whiskey Attitude”, brings country nostalgia to the table while simultaneously carrying notes of joy and loss. Jones indulges his audience with an abundance of slide guitar, fiddle solos, and references to heartache, drinking, guns, dogs, and Texas. “Whiskey Attitude” is an ultra-album of sixteen well-written, -performed, and -produced songs. The first four songs of the album are simply terrific. It kicks off with the racing intro to “Lonely, Lonely Self” with a masterful fiddle…

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"Don't Leave" by Flashpoint Run: A Review 

Flashpoint Run’s “Don’t Leave” marries 20th-century rock and 21st-century EDM-pop in a parlance suitable for live performances and dance floors. The song owes markedly to pop with its assumption of electronics, but it also incorporates a spirited guitar solo and driving drums injecting a gritty rock edge. With lush chordal progressions, particularly in the chorus, “Don’t Leave” contains catchy and ambitious songwriting that is both poetic and piercing.   

Flashpoint Run formed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in…

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American Goner's "It All Ends in Tears Anyway": A Review 

American Goner’s most recent release, “It All Ends in Tears Anyway”,  is packed front-to-back with a cowpunk influence and beer-soaked nostalgia.  The music pines lyrically and stylistically for the past—long-ago loves, memories, and dreams.  

“Sunshine and Gasoline” kicks off the album with drums and guitar strains harkening to the 80s and includes a swingy pre-chorus that moves into a rocking chorus.  “Bright Eyed Denials” contains lyrics that grab your attention and won’t let go, unsure of their true…

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“Breaking Down”, 3Mind Blight, Produced and Published by 3Mind Blight Music 

From outstanding instrumentation to lyrics describing an unsettling descent into madness, 3Mind Blight (3MB) has crafted a work of gripping adrenaline with its latest release, “Breaking Down”. The single features a fantastic mesh of riveting metal fused with trap. 3MB’s vocals move from mid-range to growls, percussive to legato, and vicious to languid. Lyrically, the song chronicles mental anguish, rage, and questioning one’s own…

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