American Goner's "It All Ends in Tears Anyway": A Review

American Goner’s most recent release, “It All Ends in Tears Anyway”,  is packed front-to-back with a cowpunk influence and beer-soaked nostalgia.  The music pines lyrically and stylistically for the past—long-ago loves, memories, and dreams.  

“Sunshine and Gasoline” kicks off the album with drums and guitar strains harkening to the 80s and includes a swingy pre-chorus that moves into a rocking chorus.  “Bright Eyed Denials” contains lyrics that grab your attention and won’t let go, unsure of their true meaning or intent, but captured anyway: “Sucking our heart like skeletons in a keyhole”.  “Backseat Debutants” is comprised of road-worn vocals and jangling guitar and ends with heartfelt mellowness.  “Orchid vs. Jawbreaker” features blue collar sentimentality reminiscent of Springsteen and clever turns of phrase, like “One of these nights we’re gonna get it right--One of these days we’re gonna fade away”.  “Orchid’s” savory instrumental outro with finger-picking guitar is the highlight of the album. “These Polaroids” is a wistful love song describing an ongoing love matured since the lust of youth.  “Burning Bridges” is another song about memories, but it describes hopeful, possibly never realized, dreams for the future “maybe some day everything will be OK”.  American Goner’s inspired cover of “Sleeping on the Blacktop” by Colton Wall marks another stand-out moment adding a rapid-fire punk edge to the original laid-back and woeful country song.


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