Hell's Oasis

by Hell's Oasis

Released 2019
Released 2019
All-embracing, fearlessly combining old and new genres-Rock, Indie, Jazz, Funk, Disco, Folk, Celtic, Alternative.
The way music evokes feelings, memories, and mental pictures is powerful and magical. Strains of familiar progressions tap deep into the psyche like smells of cut grass, a father’s after shave, or a lover’s pillow. The songs on Hell’s Oasis’s debut album capture a range of sweet, poignant, silly, and angry emotions. They’re songs about selfishness, hardship, romance and sex, and nonsense.
We are asked, and ask ourselves, “who is Hell’s Oasis’s ‘target audience’”?. The answer is: “People who like music”. We like or appreciate all kinds of music—rock, rap, classical, country, Latin, Middle Eastern, opera, Celtic, Blue Grass, jazz, and more. We are inspired by old and new music of all styles, whether it’s “Claire de Lune” (Debussy), “Oh, Lady Be Good” (Gershwin), or “Black and Yellow” (Wiz Khalifa). So, put another way, our “target audience” is people like us. If you like six-part harmonies, sus-chords, breakdowns, distortion, clean tones, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, heavy metal, and singer-songwriter styles, you’ll probably like Hell’s Oasis.