And it begins!

So my first Blog entry... Trying to gauge if people are interested in a Hell's Oasis blog.  Interested in what we are doing?  Perhaps you want to produce some music of your own?

Back in the day, crazy costs for studio time, big time record deals and the obvious music sausage machine made it too difficult for musicians with real jobs and obligations to consider seriously.  Now things are different!  Fast computers, killer software, and all the info one could want on recording and producing music has leveled the playing field for all musicians. 

We first started with the free Cubase LE recording software that came with my used Alesis Digital Mixer. From that point on it has been an amazing journey of discovery and creativity. Through DIY upgrades, and carefully thought-out purchases of quality, yet affordable, preamps, compressors, mics, and instruments, we've built a recording and mastering studio in our house.

Just getting started yourself and need a sounding board?  Want to collaborate on a project? Hit me up!  I'll help if I can.


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